Group Picture (February 2020)


NaCs setup (February 2020)

NaCs WillLab

Crossing the BEC transition (November 2019)

BEC Progression 3D cond frac.png

First BEC signal in time-of-flight expansion (October 2019)


Laser System for cooling Sodium and Cesium (Nov 2019)

Laser System WillLab

Group Picture (June 2019)

Will Lab Team June 2019

Sodium MOT (May 2019 - 10 months after lab move-in)

Sodium MOT Will Lab

Joint Quantum Symposium (April 2019)

Joint QuantumSymposium 2019 Group Picture

Lab impressions (Jan 2019)

Main Lab

Will Lab Columbia University

Electronics and Preparation Lab

Will Lab Columbia University

Lab impressions (Aug 2018)

Na laser system


Cs laser system


DMD laser patterns


Group impressions (July 2018)

New labs are ready! (June 2018)

Visit of Rudi Grimm (April 2018)


Group impressions (November 2017)

Group impressions (June 2017)

Lab impressions (June 2017)

Our lab building (June 2017)

Our lab building (June 2017)

Lab building Schapiro/CEPSR

Lab design (April 2017)

The spaces that now accommodate our labs where part of the group of Prof. Horst Störmer. They are dedicated to the memory of the first female Professor of Physics at Columbia,  Madame Wu.

Dedication Madame Wu